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2017 Total Eclipse Trip – Limited Seating Available!

$ 70.00

Rafting the Middle Ocoee +

A Total Solar Eclipse =

A Fantastic Afternoon


When we learned of the Total Eclipse and its path, we knew we had to get you in on the action.

  • On August 21, 2017, the suns perfect location will shine directly on the Ocoee river during the hours of the projected eclipse.
  • We will spend the afternoon watching it unfold and our experience is almost sold out! We have been able to open up a few more seats, so don’t hesitate, get your seats today!
  •  The entire day is centered around catching the show that Mother Nature is orchestrating.
  • History is going “Live” and Adventures Unlimited is ecstatic to be in the lesson.

Watch Mother Nature Do her Work with a front row seat in nature!

Have you ever wanted to spend more time on the river?

Here is your once in a lifetime chance to experience a True Total Solar Eclipse. To top that its From a Raft, In the River! This trip will be one of longest days on the water.


What to expect?

While on the water we will Halt our rafts, in a perfect location and disperse Eclipse viewing glasses to protect your eyes from the sun!

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Sit back and enjoy the History Show.

After your trip join us for a “Space- Themed” Dinner and a family friendly social at The BUS & Rio Loco. The menu will include Chicken with a touch of sunshine, Mashed up Meteors, space ball bites, Starfruit Salad and Moon Pie Pudding for Dessert. Plus, refreshing beverages. Live music, giveaways and memories will be had by all.

Please remember to bring your tent as Camping is also including. RV campsites, Bungalows, and Cabin Rental are available if “tent camping” just isn’t your thing. Subject to availability.  Join our Facebook event for updates and fun happenings for the “Total Eclipse Trip!”

The Cost of the trip is per person and includes: Rafting, eclipse viewing glasses, dinner, social gathering and camping.

Adventures Unlimited


Adventures Unlimited
522 Hwy 64
Ocoee, TN 37361

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